Entrepreneur Launchpad Program

Sessions and topics covered under entrepreneur launchpad programs.

1. Leadership

Through our extensive program materials and an interactive training sessions, we instill in our participants the qualities of a great leader. Through experimental training, we try to bring in clarity among’st the participants by tapping in focus, enthusiasm and passion for the better future prospects.

We envision in training an individual on their journey to be the next Global leader.

2. Growth hacking

Growth hacking is amongst the most important skills that an entrepreneur must possess in order to achieve tremendous growth. With our masterclass sessions understand an idea of growth hacking and its importance through real life startup examples who had used this strategy. Learn the techniques and analysis skills focused merely on achieving high growth rates in a short span of time.

3. Design thinking

Design thinking is perhaps the most essential skill requirement in order to establish a successful startup. Learn the skill of thinking from the perspective of a customer. Understand the complex problems in business situation form an angle of what satisfies the user in a most effective ways. Learn how to solve problems by developing a solution based approach in your mindset.

4. Collaboration and teamwork

History has witnessed great ideas turning to ruins in absence of collaboration and teamwork. Through our interactive group activities and brainstorming sessions find collective solutions to proposed problems through effective teamwork. Collaborate with team members and fulfill the projects through selective and skillfull distribution of tasks.

5. Startup culture from silicon valley

Silicon valley is regarded with startup culture for a reason. With thousands of startups incorporating every year, few of them enter Unicorn clubs within a short span while others turn to dust in no time. With our creative slide shows and research material you get exposed to information and knowledge so wide as to put in use for your startup plan. Through our hourly class sessions understand an importance of startups in this declining trend of economy. The economy needs problem solvers to stabilize.

6. Opportunity identification and evaluation

Great ideas don’t happen overnight. It requires mindful conditioning and training of your thoughts to capture them and transform them to great idea. With our intensive brainstorming sessions we enable you to create your own startup plans. You would design creative solutions by identifying potential gaps in various segments.

7. Idea validation

Great stories begins with a small idea. We as a human encounters 50000-80000 thoughts a day. We will help you tap the best of these thoughts and brainstorm them to create worthy and feasible ideas.

8. Rapid prototyping

Evaluate your startup ideas by creating a draft version which will further
help you explore a range of new ideas. Make your ideas feasible as you
iterate and improvise your startup idea with our rapid prototyping

9. The entrepreneur mindset

We as an individual are conditioned to be safe in our comfort zones and undermine our capabilities. We step in right there to change the wired way in which your brain functions. We expose you to vulnerabilities to let you achieve your true capabilities. We unleash your true potential by critically examining and correcting the behavior that holds you back. By the end of this session we enable you to become an individual who solves problem with a solution based approach.

10. Pitching and presenting skills

Showcase your startup idea in the most efficient way through presentation. Develop presentation of your startup idea and learn how to pitch and engage potential customers and investors.

11. Business model innovation

In this rapid changing environment around us, we help you design a sustainable business model. Learn the techniques and strategies to achieve increased value creation through simultaneous changes in various aspect of business models.

12. Understanding users and complex problems

The success of any business lies in an ability to understand the customers need. The key to tap and enter any market is to truly listen to your customer. Learn how to create your business models and product/service
offerings from the perspective of your customer. Conduct your research, synthesis your statistics and learn from the errors occurred. The success lies not in sticking to a method but taking chances with trial and error.

Make your own customized program that best suits your needs and requirements by selecting from this well curated list of topics. Educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities or any other kind could avail the facility of lectures on campus. Customize the program curriculum according to the requirements that best fit. For any further information on bookings or course overview contact us.

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