Residential Summer School

What to expect as you register yourself for this course –

1. Hand on Training

Its a perfect educational training model to learn from the real life scenarios and understanding the gap between theory and practice. Learn from the errors of your own judgement.

2. Learn from Entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Attend the seminars and learn from our well curated guest list of entrepreneurs and industrial experts.

3. Develop a start up concept.

Transform your passion to fruitful business ideas with our constant mentorship, support and guidance.

4. Mentor support from Think Young.

Help us serve you and together we will create a future abundant in possibilities.

5. Eligibility and Certification

Anyone aged between 13-18 years is eligible to register for this program. Get the certificate of successful completion from Think Young on the last day of program.

Why choose Think Young?

  • One- to- one training modules.
  • Master classes from industrial experts.
  • Interaction sessions with various entrepreneurs.
  • Brainstorming sessions with like- minded individuals.
  • Limited seats.
  • Curriculum.
  • With thorough research and enough experimentation, this curriculum is well curated for future
  • entrepreneurs.

1. Customer thinking.

The success of any business lies in an ability to understand the customers need. The key to tap and enter any market is to truly listen to your customer. Learn how to create your business models and product/service offerings from the perspective of your customer.

Conduct your research, synthesise your statistics and learn from the errors occurred. The success lies not in sticking to a method but taking chances with trial and error.

2. Design Thinking.

Understand the complex problems in business situation form an angle of what satisfies the user in an most effective ways. Learn how to solve problems by developing a solution based approach in your mindset.

3. Ideation.

Great stories begins with a small idea. We as a human encounters 50000-80000 thoughts a day. We will help you tap the best of these thoughts and brainstorm them to create worthy and feasible ideas.

4. Art of prototyping.

Evaluate your startup ideas by creating a draft version which will further help you explore a range of new ideas. Make your ideas feasible as you iterate and improvise your startup idea with our rapid prototyping techniques.

5. Presentation and pitching skills.

Showcase your startup idea in the most efficient way through presentation. Develop presentation of your startup idea and learn how to pitch and engage potential customers and investors.

6. Selling and Marketing.

The most efficient ideas could go to waste if not marketed properly. Marketing is the survival key for great ideas and product offerings. Market efficiently and get your sales chart growing through our last phase of programme.

We all are limitless. Don’t set your boundaries by some predefined notion. Understand your true potential and take the reins of better life in your hands.

Enroll and get your seats booked before we run out of batches.

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