In this era of digitalization when everything is replaced by tech, business cards still hold the utmost importance when it comes to personal marketing. The emergence of digital business cards however does not reduce the power of physical business cards. It is handy, personal and one of the most important ways of marketing. If you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, don’t lose out on an opportunity of presenting yourself. 

Business card speaks much about your company/startup, its personality, and the philosophy you believe in. So before you get those cards rolling it is crucially important to check if they represent you. After all, business cards are the first impression of your company.

Here are six tips on how to stand out with your business card.

  1. Stop cramming too much information on your card

Okay, just because you’re spending a huge sum of money on designing and printing of cards doesn’t mean that you cram your business card with all important information. Instead of listing out all your contact details i.e. phone number, fax, email address, office number, etc. it is better to list the 1-2 ways through which your customer can best connect with you. The back of your card could be effectively utilized to list out your social media handles. Customers like the brands with whom they could connect at a personal level. User engagement is gained by encouraging them to follow you on relevant social media platforms.  

  1. Splurge if required on the quality.

The entire point of having a business card is to create an impression. So if your card lacks quality, it will not stand apart. Printing thousands of cards for a negligible sum of money might excite you. However, if they don’t grab eyeballs they are useless. Besides, you would never want your first impression to be cheap. The good quality card creates an image of a reliable firm in the mind of the card receiver. 72% of people consider the direct relevance of quality of paper with quality of service. Consider it as an essential investment but never do compromise on the quality. 

Sturdy and reliably firm ultra-thick luxe cards never fail to make an impression. 

  1. Make it unique.

This may sound like an expected piece of advice. But it is very important to make your business card stand apart. In a conference or seminar where hundreds of cards are being exchanged, your card would end in a nicely stacked pile if they are not catching attention. You could add texture to your card. You can ditch paper altogether and go with the metallic, wooden, or plastic cards available for customization on multiple platforms. Create an embossed effect for your cards using Thermography. Apart from this, you could ditch the standardized card size by adding edges to your card. Try to make it personalized for each event or seminar you attend by adding a small token of remembrance. You might use the quotes or words that best define your startup on your card. Wear your creativity on the sleeve and move towards the alternatives that could make you stand apart.

  1. Choice of a color palette

From logo designing to website designing and even business cards, colors play a very crucial role. The psychology associated with each colour creates an image of your company. While professional service providers like CA’s, Lawyers, or Website developers are expected to create an image of reliability, the use of colors like grey, white, or beige with black handwriting could work wonders. However, if your startup represents something fun and innovative use of bubbly shades like blue, baby pink or lavender could work wonders. In either case, the selected color should add to readability instead of making it difficult. If the information requires strenuous efforts to be read, then there exists a serious problem.

  1. Turn your business card to something extra.

    Your business card can do wonders for you if marketed smartly. Turn your card to coupon by adding QR codes to scan. Now no one could resist offers such as this. By doing so, your card would remain much longer in possession than anticipated. Besides, you could add Call to Actions to your cards. By linking your online and offline world through simple QR codes would help you gain the required response. The card that serves business objectives is ideal.

  1. Make it visual

Pictures are easier to remember than words. Try to incorporate your logo into your business card. But do not compromise on the quality of the image. After all, no image is better than a bad image. Limit the front side of your card to the logo/name and contact details. Make your business card your marketing copy through these visual elements.

The savvy entrepreneurs of today’s time should not undermine the mammoth power held by a small business card. Getting a designer to design your business card is advisable. However, if you’re on a shoestring budget there are numerous online designing tools like Vistaprints, psprint, canva, and others to help you sail the boat.

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