Websites to me are the forefront executives that could grow your business and startups exponentially by acting as your best representative. Being a tech-savvy, however, is not a necessity if you want to build a visually appealing and functionally viable website. For all those people starting out young, it is possible to build dynamic websites in minutes at almost negligible amount without scratching your head with the help of site builder tools. They are effective, easy to use, and require no code writing.

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Follow these simple guidelines to get your websites upfront and working.


There are numerous tools available in the market that could help you make your desired websites. WordPress, Wix,, Ukit, All you are examples of site-building tools available online. Choose amongst the options that suit your requirements best and sign up by registering yourself with an email address.

Wix according to us is amongst the most effective tool for beginners who have no prior experience in website building. WordPress is one of the finest tools but it requires people with certain prior experience to understand its function optimally. 

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The website should be built with a purpose in mind. The purpose could be to build a business or a portfolio or a blogging platform. It could be to develop an e-commerce site or a personal portfolio. However, Only when your objective is clear you could design a site that is functionally operating.

Once you have a clear objective in mind you could select from hundreds of template designs by customizing them according to your needs. These site builders also provide a blank canvas for individuals who wish to build their site from scratch. Either way, an individual can select or prepare the visually appealing template designs that could help them fulfill their website objective.

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Wix has hundreds of template designs available for free for websites of various purposes and needs. They are graphically apt as they are being designed by best designers keeping web adaptability in mind.

Their templates provide smooth navigation and ease in editing. They facilitate ease in designing by offering variants in layouts, backgrounds, styles, fonts and other design elements. Besides, they also have feature tools for creating responsive sites. Thereby, reducing your efforts in creating a functional site that is accessible across all devices.


It is important to get your domain name registered to get your website upfront. The domain name is a unique assigned address of your website. It is an individual identity through which your website can be accessed across the world. These site builders usually provide integrated hosting and domain options for sites that are intended to stay for long.

Platforms like Wix provide a service of getting your domain name registered or adding your already existing domain to your site. Through their premium options, you can register your domain name for free for a year. 

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Once you are done with designing your site, an important work of curating content emerges. After all, your website should be informative. It should be a clear indication of what your site represents.

Content curation is not limited to blogs and articles but it collectively includes pictures, videos, product offerings, contact details and other things that could provide information about you.

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While web layout is essential for visually appealing, content is like giving substance to visual appearance.


With millions of websites being created every day across the globe, how do you make a point to stand out?

This is where SEO steps in. With an optimization tool like SEO, you could undergo promotional activities by setting SEO parameters for your site. Customize your SEO settings and get yourself placed amongst the top in search engine quest.

While SEO can help you gain visibility, it is only when your offerings are of an optimized level that you gain traction.

Wix as an effective website builder provides SEO settings that could be customized according to individual needs to reach their desired audience.


After finishing your web layouts and content curation, check for all the errors and correct them. Proofread the content and check the optimization of the site on various devices before hitting the publish button. Once you publish your site, it would be on-floor working for your best interests.

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Amongst the available site-building tools each has its own subscription plans based on service they provide and the features provided in each plan.

While there is a lifetime free plan available in Wix they also have plans of paid subscriptions to facilitate site-building of an optimized level.

Gone are the days where you had to spend months and years to get your site ready. Today with the advent of internet and technology on fingertips, you could build your desired site in hours from scratch and thereby remove hurdles from your startup entrepreneurship journey.


What is your excuse for not getting that
perfect site ready??

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