Its time to Think Young not old

Do your thoughts need an appointment letter to arrive in your mind?


Of course not, because they are thoughts the one which are compared with the air around us. They just sway in your head and lead you to a place where your thought industry dwells.


So, through this story let me tell you where does my thought process headquarters are? They get manufactured in the hub of the most essential thing in an individual’s life which is aka ‘Education’!


Bringing a revolution in the current education system and making it more delicious for the budding kids to taste, is where my keen interest lies in.


Neither planned schedule nor any well-organized post education list did I use to carry with me. It was just about me and my thoughts. The idea to setup a practical and real-time problem solving culture amongst the young community was one of my main mottos to kick start my journey!


Throughout my educational journey I personally have faced many problems related to the academic stuff that resides in our books. These things are the one which have turned out to be out dated in today’s time. Today’s era calls for more practical than theoretical stuff. It asks for something which is creative and out of the box. But, India in that case drives way back to the last benches of those innovation classes! As it’s just mugging up and release as much as you can during those three horrifying hours.

These all problems related to the learning culture guided me to curate a checklist which basically focused upon how can I help children overcome from this outdated system and switch them to a better version. Hence, all these were the keynote things to enter in this entrepreneurial world and be the torch bearer in the educational field.


To enter the world of startup needs a firm mindset and perquisite knowledge about what you plan to do the next morning. Moreover, in the matters of perquisites needed, I had tasted almost a bit of all the problems I will be facing. As, I am a Bachelor of Business Administration, done my CFA Level 1 and lastly I did my Post Graduation in Management of Business and Entrepreneurship. Adding to all these, my personal research work and networking with the community helped me a lot to move in this direction.


Moving further, just learning about Entrepreneurship did not made me to do something different it was that thought which ignited my mind in my terminating year of PG that I shall lead this education system to a different destination. Taking this idea further I started stitching

inch by inch all my ideas to make it take a shape of a perfect designer piece. Striving hard every day and night, the most awaited moment finally knocked the door of my career; the pillar building of my very own company ‘Think Young’ in May 2018!


Now, let me put forth a brief glimpse about my organization. ‘Think Young’ is an organization which helps the early teens to have sneak peek in the future career opportunities world. Why? Because most of our today’s youth bunch are totally clueless about what they are up to in their life. No idea about their career. Basically they are unanswerable to the question about ‘What Next? Moreover, it becomes necessary for the kids to learn about the challenges that they will be facing and come up with a firm decision about their career. So, in this journey of kids ‘Think Young’ proves to be their helping hand and guide. We are the ones to make them realize the true challenges and also provide solutions about rescuing themselves from the same.


In our organization, we have designed really interesting and kid-friendly courses which allow children to happily join our institute. To know further more about the courses and the organization you can take a tour on our website of ‘Think Young’.



We have always wished to feed the young minds with the best of knowledge and practical learning through different activities performed during the course. For hustling with children during their journey we have a team of four mentors and me who are always there to guide them.


Summing up with all the members related to this organization we are a hexagonal team. It includes me, my co-mentors and a Business Developer. Think Young is now 8 months old and we have our two branches one in Surat and Mumbai. The response we have received is still not up to our mark! But yes, we work every moment towards our goal to make this education to reach each and every child who can be a job creator and not a job seeker in future.


Driving further, when it comes to a startup the most daunting question is what about the funds? So, for the current moment as me being the solo founder of Think Young the majority of funding arrives from my side as well as a push from my family also. But, after all its just 8 months and we

need to go a long way through. Therefore, now we are not focusing on funding but definitely focusing about how to take our platform from a beginner’s level to an intermediate one. Eventually, reaching to that position will also turn up to be our major fund producing factor.


Talking about funding, let me share you an incident which can be called out to be one my inspirational moment. It was three month passed Think Young arrived in this world and one day I was totally broke. I was so much drowned into that situation thinking that I am done. I am not going to do anything further. So, due to that I did not work a whole day. All 24 hours just sitting and not doing a piece of work. But, soon after that night the next morning when I woke up I thought what did I do yesterday? Did I not do something productive and just sit ideal? Was it truly me or someone who has lost the way? I did not wanted these questions to pop more in my mind and give a ‘Hell NO!’ answer to these questions. Leading from that morning till todays I have not stopped working a single day.


From the above incident which I shared the only messages I would like to pass on to all the budding entrepreneurs out there is, ‘Never give up because the one who gives up is not able to give anything to his life!’ 


So, coming to the end this is all about how my entrepreneurial world revolves in my everyday life and how I sailed from the beginning till now. Lastly, I had great experience to share my views through words. And I look forward to share my more journeys till 2022 when I will be

at my verge to inaugurate my own institute in the town.

Till then Happy Reading,


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