Young CEO Program

Course objectives.

1. Empowering young brains to unlimited potentialities of future.

2. Breaking the barrier thinking in young children by empowering them with 21st century skills.

3. Opening an array of wide choices of career alternatives.

4. An overall personality enhancement of an individual child by exposing them to numerous possibilities.

5. Training a mindset to become service provider and not service worker.

6. Providing a step by step guidance to establish an early stage company.

7. Developing a mind set to normalize failure and set backs.

8. Rapid prototyping by creating pivot startup plans.

Curriculum overview-

Developing a mindset of an entrepreneur is not an overnight task, it takes careful examination and correction of though patterns to become an entrepreneur in true sense.

Young CEO program aims to develop an entrepreneurial mindset among’st young bright individuals by empowering them to future with unlimited potentialities.

1. Curtain raiser.

An orientation program to commence this dynamic course by introducing the participants to CEO program.

2. Identifying the opportunities.

The central theme for this session would be to encourage each participant to identify their mission by exposing them to various questions. They would brainstorm for the answers and would create a mission statement best to their life's values. Opportunities exist everywhere and with our in class training session, each young participant would identify their opportunities. They would create a base of their startup plan based on these opportunities.

3. Customer Research

If you want to sell the product/ service, sell it by studying the customer’s psychology. The students would conduct detailed market research for their customers and products by analyzing their product offerings.

4. Product/ Market fit

Students would plan the necessary changes in product/service offerings based on their research. Students are enabled to develop solutions for their problems and would create value propositions of their firm.

5. Prototyping

Participants will evaluate their startup ideas by creating a draft version of their startup. They will learn the skill of making of ideas feasible as they iterate and improvise their startup idea with rapid prototyping techniques.

6. Business modelling

Creation of sustainable business models by increasing value proposition.

7. Customer acquisition

Understand the importance of branding and learn designing techniques for networking among’st targeted customers. Identify various channels of sales and an appropriate fit for each startup.

8. Entrepreneurial leadership.

Through our carefully scanned programs, we help the young brains to resolve complexes and develop confidence and resilience. Various industrial experts would take them through their journey of multiple failures and set backs. Interactive sessions would be conducted to discuss case studies all of which would guarantee increased self confidence.

9. Growth hacking

Understand the role of social media in success of business in today’s time. Gain information on various software’s that facilitates rapid growth and develop creative writing skills to market your services effectively.

10. Design Thinking for entrepreneurs

Understand the complex problems in business situation from an angle of what satisfies the user in most effective ways. Learn how to solve problems by developing a solution based approach in your mindset.

11. Introduction to finance.

Perhaps, the most important skill requirement is an understanding of finance. Learn pricing strategies for various business offerings and get an understanding to choose the best offerings for your startup.

12. Pitching

Learn an art of pitching your startup to investors by providing value offerings to stakeholders. Craft and practice your pitch multiple times till you get it right. Get critical examination of pitch crafts with feedback’s.

13. Discovering my passion

Expose yourself to limitless career alternatives while selecting the one that best suits your passion.

14. Finale/ demo day

Put your learning to practise as you pitch your startup ideas to investors and judge panel. If the thought of creating exciting solutions to world problems excites you, enroll for this program. We will train you to become a global leader in pursuit of better world.

Educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities or any other kind could avail the facility of lectures on campus. We aim to spread our reach to educational institutions across India. For any further information on bookings or course overview contact us.

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